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Join us at Trump Turnberry

This is your opportunity to join the 2016 National Golf Club Challenge Finalists at one of the most iconic golf resorts in the world, Trump Turnberry.


We have reserved 8 places for the first 8 On Course Foundation Members that get at least 2 golf clubs to register for the 2016 National Golf Club Challenge.


That's two days in a luxurious lodge, with great food and best of all, be one of the first to play the reborn Ailsa Golf Course (watch the video). 

How You Can Qualify

The 2016 National Golf Club Challenge is a nationwide inter-club competition which fundraises for On Course Foundation.


The more golf clubs that take part, the more funds can be raised for OCF.


The first 8 OCF Members who have successfully got at least 2 golf clubs to take part will qualify for a place at Trump Turnberry in October. For a two day golfing experience of a life-time. 

What is NGCC?

The National Golf Club Challenge (NGCC) invites golf clubs all across the UK to play a 2016 NGCC qualifyer at their golf course - at the same time as holding fundraising activities in support of OCF.


The top qualifying clubs - and the top fundraising clubs are invited to play in the NGCC National Final at Trump Turnberry. Where you can join them. 

How To Take Part

The more golf clubs you get signed up, the more likely you are to play at Turnberry.


Contact Mark Schorah, Regional Events & Employment Manager at On Course Foundation on 020 8334 2010 or email, who will coordinate the golf clubs you will be approaching with the NGCC team. Materials, help and guidance will be made available to all OCF Members.

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