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Coming Soon to a Golf Club Near You...

The 2017 National Golf Club Challenge is fast approaching, with clubs all over the UK holding their NGCC Qualifiers in May, June and July.

So here's a quick reminder of what it's all about. This is an excerpt from the BBC's coverage of the 2014 Open, with Dan Walker interviewing three On Course Foundation Members.

I've met Paul, he's a pretty impressive individual, so it's great to see how On Course Foundation is helping these guys to get the support they need as part of their log term recovery - for which golf is an ideal sport for them to participate in.

So if you're not already, now is the time to register to take part - there's no registration fee, and you can even hold your NGCC Qualifier as part of an existing event, for your chance to win through to the National Final at Trump Turnberry.

It's as simple as returning your top five scores, sending in a generous donation for On Course Foundation and sitting back to see whether you qualify for Turnberry or not - knowing at the same time that you are making a positive difference to the lives of brave Service Personnel who have suffered life changing injuries while serving our country.

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