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The National Golf Club Challenge enjoys the support of the some of the top names in golf. We are very grateful for all the time, influence and donations our Patrons make in support of this very worthy cause.

Lee Westwood OBE

"Many brave men and women have suffered often the most horrendous injuries in the line of duty and these heroes deserve our wholehearted support."

Melissa Reid

"Our service men and women are our unsung heroes and only through their dedication to their duty are we able to live better lives."

Oliver Fisher

"The National Golf Club Challenge is a great initiative to raise money for our injured soldiers."

Sam Torrance OBE

"I'm delighted that golf clubs up and down the country are supporting the National Golf Club Challenge. It's one of the most worthy causes I can think of."

Simon Khan

“It's a huge honour being asked to be associated with the brilliant Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen and of HM Forces."

Nell McAndrew

"I have always tried to support our troops and their families whether based at home or away and will continue to do so whenever possible." 

Marc Warren

"I am delighted to be working with this particular cause. It is a charity that is so important for the lives of service people and their families all over the UK."

Mark Foster

"This cause is the perfect opportunity for golf to come together and make a difference to the men and women of our Armed Forces."

Anna Whiteley

"It's an honour to support these men who have done so much for us, and are now embracing the power of golf as part of their recovery." 

Dominic Bott

"The true heroes in this world are the lads and lasses of our Armed Forces. The National Golf Club Challenge is the perfect way for golfers in the UK to do their bit." 

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