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Looking For Golfing Inspiration? Meet Mike Browne

Need golfing inspiration? Let us introduce you to the story of Mike Browne. From the army to professional golfer, and that's not even the most amazing part of the journey.


Play the video to watch his inspirational story.

"With many of our Members lacking confidence, it’s been our aim to help each person realise their potential both on the golf course and within the golf industry, with the aim of setting them on a fulfilling career path.


The National Golf Club Challenge are a great partner for us and we are delighted to be involved. We very much look forward to a long, fruitful relationship, spreading awareness of our cause, and ultimately helping even more deserving beneficiaries”


Alistair McKay Forbes

Managing Director

On Course Foundation


As a sport, golf offers a unique platform where players of all skills and backgrounds can compete healthily, improving not only their physical but mental strength too. With many lacking self- belief, it’s the aim of On Course Foundation to help their Members realise their potential and set them on a fulfilling career path.

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