Carnoustie Donates 1,000th 4 Ball

Golf Across The Globe Unites To Create An Unprecedented Statement To UK Wounded Veterans

NGCC 10Years_edited.png

Carnoustie Golf Links donates the 1,000th 4 Ball to feature in The National Golf Club Challenge 10 Year Anniversary On Course Foundation Auction.


Golf clubs from across the globe were invited throughout the whole of January unite in support of our wounded veterans by donating a 4 ball to feature in The NGCC 10 year anniversary auction…over a 1,000 4 Balls have now been donated by golf clubs from all over the world creating an unprecedented statement from golf to the UK’s wounded service personnel.


A heartfelt thank you from all of us at On Course Foundation to each Golf Club that has supported to create this unprecedented statement from golf… The sheer magnitude of this statement alone will positively & immeasurably impact the mental wellbeing of our wounded servicemen and women, and the funds raised from your support will go on to aid their continued recovery though the wonderful work of On Course Foundation.


Don’t see your Golf Club on the list below??? Every golf club in the UK & many overseas were invited multiple times via email throughout January to donate just 1 midweek 4 Ball (subject to availability) to feature in our 10 year anniversary auction, a small number replied choosing not to support with the remainder declining to reply. If you wish to donate a 4 Ball at your Golf Club there is still time to be included on this magnificent list and be included in this unprecedented statement from golf to our wounded veterans…Get in touch by emailing: 

The full list of 4 Balls are in alphabetical order below: